The best furniture moving services Laguna Niguel

A household move or changing the location of the office in Laguna Niguel comprise packing and transporting various types of things. Furniture items can become a real problem if they are too big or heavy. If you have a multi-storey house, dealing with such items may be harmful for your health. Hiring pro movers can help you solve the problem of furniture transporting.

Our movers are trained to lift and move heavy objects and transport them in a truck around Laguna Niguel. They have special equipment for disassembling things into portable parts. They put everything back in a new house or apartment. The same is with commercial moves. Chairs, tables, wardrobes and other items are packed and transported for hotels, hospitals, cafes and other businesses.

Get help moving heavy furniture

Heavy sofas, beds, wardrobes or even a piano are hard to lift and transport. Pro movers come to your place in Laguna Niguel with special materials for disassembling and packing appliance into smaller parts. Packing is important as it prevents the surface of the items from scratches. You can see some stretch or wrap film that is used for covering. Delicate elements can be secured by blankets or soft materials.

There’s a lot to be written about furniture moving in Laguna Niguel but here’s the list of services that you get from us:

  • Planning. If it’s your first move or you don’t have time for organizing the relocation, we will assist you in this case. We’ll choose the date, discuss the price and other important issues.
  • Disassembling. We have all required equipment to dismantle furniture into separate items. We pack them and assemble back in a new place.
  • Moving. There are a lot of reliable trucks that are available for our clients in Laguna Niguel. Depending on the amount of things to be moved, we’ll provide you with the right number of vehicles.

What you get when movers from our team is an insurance in Laguna Niguel. We care of the reputation, so there’s a guarantee that all the furniture items will remain safe and sound. We provide service locally and on the territory of CA as well. There’s a license that lets us provide this type of service.

What’s the cost of moving furniture Laguna Niguel?

Moving furniture from one room to another or from one house to a new apartment in Laguna Niguel requires a thorough preparation. Pro movers know how to deal with different items from light to very heavy ones. What about the cost of the service? When you come to us, you get a fixed hourly fee that cannot be changed during the move. The fee depends on how many people will be involved.

Hiring movers in Laguna Niguel is easy as a pie. Find the online form on the website, provide us with the details of the future move and wait a little until one of our experts gets in touch with you. We’ll choose the date, calculate the cost and plan the move.

A few taps on the screen and you get your furniture moved!